Want your business to be part of something BIG?

We are Tasmanian Living, an established Tasmanian lifestyle magazine, and we’re forging a new path with our BRAND NEW ONLINE APP.

There has never been anything like this in the state!

Darren from Puddleduck Vineyard said
"This app is a GAMECHANGER for tourism in Tasmania"

That's a big statement, but we have to agree.

We’re going to be promoting our new app like crazy over the next months (and years!), both locally and interstate, with significant spend on social media and traditional marketing - TV campaign is underway, radio, TT lines and cruiseships will be next and we have just engaged a new social media manager who is already increasing our profile across the board.

We’ve built the app to showcase the best of Tasmania, and we’d like your business to be a part of it.

Need more people visiting your business?

Need to sell more wine? More food? More dinners? More lunches? More tours? More adventures? More beds? More of whatever YOU offer?

Yes, it’s fun making wine or beer, or whisky, or cheese or running a bed & breakfast, but that takes up a huge amount of your time. Partner with Tasmanian Living, and we can help with the legwork of advertising and promoting for you!

We have produced a series of interactive maps for the brand-new Tasmanian Living app.

We have a Tipple Trail, a Tasting Trail, an Arts Trail, a Market Trail and an Attractions Trail.

There is also a business and services tab which is broken down on the map into (you guessed it) Businesses and Services, we also have accommodation, food and drink and a transport category.               
Would you like to be a part of this and have YOUR business at everyone’s fingertips?
We are charging the tiny price of $30 per month (less than two cups of coffee per week) if paid yearly or $40 per month on a month by month basis.
This will include a pin on the interactive map which, when touched, opens to reveal your details, photos, videos or anything at all that you would like to put in there.

The map is dynamic, users click on the map to find directions to YOU, click on there to call YOU and click on there because they WANT to find YOU.

Have your listing on our interactive maps and you will also be able to set up a loyalty program with the Tasmanian Living app at no extra charge.  Offer your customers something for nothing.
Buy five, get one free, visit us twice and get 10% off etc. Whatever YOU would like to offer.

All of this is in our FREE app by the way, which everybody gets to see!

Want more?
Ok.  Your listing has call to action buttons at the bottom.  Users can phone or email you direct, look at your website or get directions from their current location.

Even more?
Ok. Users can also leave comments about your product or services directly on the listing and, even better, with one click can share YOUR business to most social media pages.

And still more?
If you have an event coming up. ie. A tasting night, party, meet & greet etc, we will place this information in our EVENTS tab at NO EXTRA COST to you. Just let us know what, when and where and we will make it happen.

Again?  More?
We will happily offer you four updates a year at no extra cost if you need to add photos, have important news or just want to change things around on your listing.

We haven't stopped yet.

Take up this offer and we will also give you great discounts on advertising in Tasmanian Living – the magazine, should you decide to sponsor a story or run an advertorial to showcase your business.

One last offer (but it's a biggie...)
Join our growing list of advertisers NOW and we will lock in that price for the first two years that you advertise with us. 


Shall we play a game? Grab your phone and try this experiment.

Let’s say that you and your partner have just arrived in Tasmania as first time visitors, hired a car and gone off to see what you can find.
Let’s also suppose that you both like a beer, wish to visit a few wineries and want to taste some of the whisky that Tasmanian is rapidly becoming famous for.

To do this, you need to open the winery trail website, the brewery trail website and then the whisky trail website. Then you need to type directions to these places into your gps as the maps on these sites are not terribly interactive.


Now try it with our Tasmanian Living app – open the app, open the tipple trail tab and that’s it – you can see all of these on the one map and drive to each one in real time with real directions.

Why an app?

Although websites are still being looked at, the majority of people out there are now using their mobile devices to find out where to go and what to do next and the statistics back this up!
Apps account for 89% of mobile media time, with the other 11% spent on websites. (Smart Insights)

Can you imagine your future without an app or more importantly, can you afford NOT to have THIS app in your future?

This edition of Tasmanian Living magazine (inside our new app) has 45 stories, 30 HD videos, narration, music and over a dozen 360 Virtual Reality videos, making us the world first to produce such a magazine.

Here is a short movie that will show you the app in action and what it means to you.
(please note, this video shows the tassie tipple trail but all other listings work in a similar fashion)



As soon as you get in touch we can organise your listing in the new app and it will be live in minutes.

Why wait, let us help YOU now.

Contact Alan on 0488 2782 99 or email alan@tasmanianliving.com.au

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