The Platypus and the Platybus

A professional photographer for over forty years, I sat by a river bank here in Tasmania, Australia for a while recently, saw a platypus and became slightly obsessed with capturing them on camera.

It didn't take much research before I discovered the knife edge they live on.

Now on the endangered list in South Australia, it seems that this will become the pattern for the rest of the country including Tasmania and we need to stop it happening for the platypus itself, and for future generations so everyone has the chance to see this amazing animal in the wild.

I realised that there is not much that one person can do to help the platypus as a species but then came up with the idea of making a movie to highlight their plight.

I have already spent months, sitting by rivers here in Tasmania, sometimes 6-8 hours a day just watching, studying and filming these creatures and will be spending much more time doing just that and producing a full length documentary/movie (and three others including a behind the scenes movie).

We are in the process of converting a 30 seat bus into a travelling cinema and taking the movie on the road around Tasmania, visiting towns that don't have a cinema and showing the movie to as many people as possible (looking at school visits in the longer term as well).

We intend for the full length movie/documentary to be seen all over the world eventually, and if it makes people aware of the problems faced by the platypus (and other creatures large and small) and changes the way just a handful of people think and behave then it will be all worthwhile.

Here is a short teaser for you to watch.

Please also subscribe to the Tasmanian Living YouTube channel (more platypus footage there too) as this will stand us in good stead as we endeavour to source funding.

The Platypus is in danger and needs our help!


bus website.jpg

This is the bus as she is at the moment

platybus idea 4 website.jpg

This is the mobile cinema bus as she WILL look